Things I Love About My Husband: 1st Edition

browns backers kansas city vince costelloI was planning on writing something deeper since I had full intentions to blog today. But you never know what random curveballs my husband is going to throw.

He just scared the crap out of me. He’s said, “Babe come over here!” with a sense of urgency. So I obviously think something serious happened. So I run over there. Guess what the emergency was? He wanted me to pick one of two Cleveland Brown Luchador Masks. He was trying to narrow down what he wanted to buy. *facepalm*

To his defense, I once called his job as an emergency because Enrique Iglesias presale VIP tickets were going on sale. It was before I had ever seen him in concert. #FirstWorldProblems

I love that my hubby is very random.

What is random about somebody (that includes canines or other pets, they are humans with 4 legs, beaks or fins) in your life you love?

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