Happies and Crappies-Over a Few Months

It’s been a long time since I blogged. I just wasn’t feeling it. But now I’m kind of sad because I haven’t documented the good bad and ugly in my life. Instead of having a weekly happies and crappies, I’m going to document a few months’ worth.


I finally decided what I want to do “when I grow up.” I always knew I wanted to do something that helped people but didn’t know what. I figured it out though! More on that later.

I got selected to go see the Conan O’Brien Show when he comes to Dallas on Allstars week. #TeamCoco

The hubby got me a Surface Pro 2 Tablet with the keyboard and a cool case.

I have 3 new adoptive sisters. It’s not finalized yet but they already live at home. I’m glad they are out of foster care.

I drove out of my little safe zone by myself for the first time. I got lost (yeah, that’s new) but I found myself back eventually. I need to try it again soon.

The car was acting up and it’s fixed. It was way cheaper than I expected too. So that’s always a plus.

We are actively going to the gym. We got really cool heart rate monitors to go along with that lifestyle change. It is the Polar FT 60.

Our Goddaughter turned two.

I’m being more intentional about meeting people. I can’t complain I don’t know anyone if I don’t try.



Lola was diagnosed with laxating patellas. :/ Poor baby. She had a very painful week but has been doing okay since then. princess peach lola

My uncle passed away this past week. It was tough. His funeral was beautiful though. I’m glad he is no longer in pain.

One of our couches broke. We replaced it but now we owe money. The one that broke was paid cash.  We like them though.

Our taxes are soooooo expensive this year.

The day my uncle passed away we found 3 bunnies that didn’t make it through the ice storm. It was sad because it was babies.

My laptop split in half for no reason. It still works but it’s annoying to see the crack and to have to plug the charger before opening the screen. lol. That’s the main reason I got a tablet. Lenovo NEVER replied to our requests even though that laptop is STILL under a year old. Now I’m concerned because the desktop we bought in December is also Lenovo. That’ll the last time we buy that brand for sure.

Our internet keeps “breaking” every other day since they did a system update. Our provider is trying to blame our complex wires, but it wasn’t a problem before the update. It’s a big deal since we both work from home. I told them, we can’t pay you if we’re not working.  Our apartment crew is awesome and is trying to talk to them though.

I’ll probably be blogging more consistently. I miss looking back at our little adventures.

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The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up

Fall Carabox Exchange

Have you heard of the Carabox Exchange? I bet you have by now. If you haven’t, this is how it goes down. You get paired with two awesome ladies. You get to meet them and then one of them sends you a care package and you send your other one a package of their own. My partners are amazing.

I sent a package to Audrey. She is such an inspiration. She is always working out and working towards achieving her fitness goals. It’s amazing! Go check her out and tell her I sent you.

Bri sent a package to me. Let me just tell you, it was awesome. She personalized it and made it look SUPER CUTE before I even got to open it. I’m a little embarrassed because I didn’t wrap Audrey’s package half as cool. I digress. My FAVORITE thing was the book for my mentee. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it on my blog, but I am mentoring/coaching a kid in reading. How thoughtful is that?

fall carabax 2013Her letter was also very thoughtful. Wanna’ see what she sent? Of course you do.

fall carabox 2013 2School related, she sent “The Fall Festival” book for my mentee. I know he is going to love it. I haven’t taken it because I wanted to blog about it first. I’ll be sure to take it next week. She also included post it notes. Umm, who doesn’t neeeeeed that? There isn’t such a thing as too many post its. Among the goodies was a cool pumpkin pie candle. That is a yummy treat for my senses I tell ya. I may or may not have to hide it from my husband. He buys pumpkin scented everything. The Halloween reusable baggie is cute and useful. I use those bags for everything. I’m certain it will not make it for next year. The straw and 3d uber cute pumpkin are so stinkin cute. The fluffy awesomeness you see there is a col scarf. It is going to cool down in the next few days. I can’t wait to use it. Talking about using, I already have the coin purse in my big purse. I had been wanting a jelly coin purse for a while. I kept talking myself out of it. I actually needed a big coin purse to make my purse life easier. Last but not least, she sent me a coffee mug/cup that I can decorate. I’ll post it up as soon as I decorate it.

I had so much fun meeting these ladies. If you want to join the fun, sign ups are December 2nd. I have always had a great experience. The one and only difficulty was with a lost box that wasn’t so lost. My apartment people couldn’t find it. The mailman gave us his number and that should not be a problem in the past. I’m sorry about that headache Bri. All in all, it was a great experience like always.

What are you waiting for? Go say hi to both ladies and join the exchange. :)

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A Camel Mugged Me!

My husband had a surprise date planned for this past Sunday. Can I get an AWWWW. I couldn’t believe it. My husband is amazing but this is the first surprise date he has ever planned. We go on dates all the time but this was just out of this world.

We got in the car around 9:40am and got breakfast and Dunkin Donuts. Can I say YUM! Then we headed to the unknown. It was about an hour away from home. We went to Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch. I was so excited. I had wanted to go to this place since we moved to North Dallas. It is about an hour away.

Sharkarosa Surprise DateWhen we got there I went straight to the bathroom. I had been drinking coffee for an hour. Lol. It was a porta potty. If you don’t like them I recommend going to a bathroom before you get there. It wasn’t too bad BUT we got there really close to the opening time. They had a Lemur show starting about 10 minutes after we got there. There was an opportunity to pet one after that, but Ricky wanted to make sure we didn’t miss the tram/train. We made it to the tram in the nick of time. When we first rode into the ranch, horses ran to us to eat some food. The tram had buckets with food in them. We got to pet them and it was awesome. I was just sad for this little horse that was to short for the buckets. Silly me! He flipped over a bucket and ate the food from the floor. Such a smart little one. I was impressed!

Then we went to another section were there was deer, an emu bird, zebras, South American Spitting Camel, and more. We weren’t allowed to pet these. So the driver put food on the floor. It was so much fun looking at them. There was one zebra fighting the South American Camel and another zebra sharing with an emu. When we were leaving, the driver put food in the bucket for the next group. Well, one camel decided they wanted more food. They kept going eating from the bucket until we got to the fence. It was so funny. We called it a Lola moment. Our dog Lola LOVES food.

The last section of the tram ride was Camels. They were so cute!  We ran to see the bears after the ride. Then we went to the petting zoo section. Food for the pets is $2.00 for a little cup.The animals were super excited. I had a goat friend that liked me so much he was trying to eat my shirt and sweater. A pig did put some poop on my had. Normally I would have gagged. I was having so much fun I didn’t care. I also fed a baby camel. My hand was black after it started eating. This camel was smart though. It took the ENTIRE cup away from my hand.

A camel mugged me!

I thought that was the funniest thing ever . My friend the goat did break up with me when I had a black hand. We cleaned our hands with hand sanitizer when we walked out. I had a conversation with a photographer when I realized they were about to have a Kangaroo show. Most of the Kangaroos were sleeping. They did bring out a one year old and I got to pet it. I also got to pet a boa constrictor. I missed the cobra show-but it’s okay. I’m sure I would have been scared. I was so glad when we found a hand washing station. I washed my hands for a good five minutes.  At the end, we were able to take a picture with the Joey. I was so scared to drop Poptart. Luckily I didn’t drop him. We drove back to Frisco and the drive back seemed so much quicker.

The date concluded by doing some restaurant hopping for the appetizer, main course and dessert. We thought we might explode at the end because we were so full. It would have been a delicious explosion though. It was the best surprise date ever.

Thanks for an amazing day hubby!

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