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I have to admit that I have thought of my high school reunion since I was in middle school.  I know it sounds crazy.  But alas, Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion wouldn’t be one of my favorite movies if I hadn’t thought of how this reunion would turn out. I’ve been sadly and abruptly awoken and have come to the realization it will not be what I fantasized it would be.

I imagined it would be in a beautiful hall with a band that would show our age or maybe a DJ playing La Charanga and Walk it Like a Dog.  It doesn’t sound super classy but I didn’t go to a prim and proper high school. Those were the kind of songs we danced at high school dances.  I’m not sure if that is normal everywhere because our school was far from the usual. For example, I thought it was normal for most high schools to have daycare’s for the students kids.  I learned that was not the norm after I moved. However, I did enjoy my experience throughout the years I was there. Our high school is actually very beautiful. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder. My school had by far the best stadium in the area. As a matter of fact, it still does. A major carnival and parade celebration begins from said stadium.

I envisioned the party to be kind of a throw back. However, I didn’t think it would be reminiscent of a high school after party. Our 10th year reunion is at a bar. A lot of people are defending saying it is going to be in a reserved part of a patio/balcony. It is still a bar! I thought I was alone at first thinking this was ridiculous. It seems a lot of people have voiced their opinion. They would also prefer a more private venue. Other people told me that I shouldn’t forget my roots. I am sorry but I was not going to bars at 18 nor do I go to bars now. That is far from my roots. A dance in a world war 2 boat with no ac is in my roots. I can handle that. There is also going to be a band that goes twice a month that routinely sells out the place that day. I don’t see how you can catch up at a sold out bar that not only allows your class but also people that are going to be graduating this year.  I may be an old soul or just too bitchy but that is not the reunion I have dreamed about.  Lets just say I do not plan to travel 8 hours to go to a reunion in a bar on a Friday on the 4th of July and pay $50.00. For $50.00 I would like to be able to hear people speak.  I hope the people that do go, have a wonderful time. On the bright side, I have kind of kept up with some of my class thanks to social media.

I guess I’ll go fold some scarves. (Inside joke if you know Romy and Michelle).

Have you gone or do you plan to go to your High School Reunion? How was it or how do you imagine it will be?

Kansas City Road Trip Recap: Day 3

kansas city road trip recapThe last day of our road trip was just as amazing as the first two.  We left the hotel around 6am. It was somewhat scary because it was VERY foggy.  But we made an 18-wheeler buddy after a little while. We kept up with their speed. It was so helpful since the visibility was next to none and we didn’t know the road. We eventually had to stop to go to the restroom. It was super cool because that is where Harry Truman was born. We got to the Precious Moments Chapel about 9am. It was amazing!

precious moments 1I truly recommend visiting the chapel at one point in your life if you can. It was so inspirational. When you get to the parking lot, they have a small little park. It was so cute!  The entrance itself is phenomenal. It was very Chrismassy and Children’s Book like. All of those things are things I LOVE!  We walked through a door and found a little pathway. There was another building that was closed along the way. We found out that was a mini museum. We found the sweetest lady at the end of the path. She gave us the option to get a mini tour or see the chapel ourselves. We went for the tour.

precious moments 2I cannot do her explanation or the history of the chapel justice. Samuel Butcher is the creator. It started off as a greeting cards company. He has had so many trials and tribulations. He has lost two sons. One of them has a memorial standing and the other one is being built as we speak. The chapel itself is modeled after the Sixteenth Chapel. I’ve personally never seen the sixteenth chapel, but I can assure you the Precious Moments Chapel was jaw dropping. It had hand carved doors, stained glass windows, paintings with references from the old and new testament. By far though, my favorite part was the memory book. You got to write a special note to the people that have left your side.

The gift shop was also amazing. I bought a doll that says Spanish prayers. That made me VERY sentimental. I started crying in the middle of the store. Luckily, I think no one saw me. :D. We spent about one hour and a half. That was with us rushing through everything.  I recommend at least 2 hours.

Largest Totem PoleThen we stopped at the largest totem pole. It was amazing. You could go inside the actual totem pole if you wanted to. We opted not to because wasps where falling and we couldn’t see from where. Then we went into the gift shop. We bought a few gifts from there. We thought this was a restaurant. We read that somewhere online. It wasn’t but that was actually better. We were running behind. We were here for about 15 minutes.

On the way back home we stopped at an Amish store to buy food, fudge, soft drinks and other goodies. It was DELICIOUS. We got back on time, threw stuff from the rental to our car (we didn’t want to disturb the dogs) and we returned the car.

That was the end of day three and the entire trip. It was such a blast.

What is the most unexpectedly amazing trip you have taken? 

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Kansas City Road Trip Recap: Day 2

kansas city road trip recap

We were going to go to the stadium in a bus the Cleveland Backers of Kansas City had set up for everyone. It was scheduled to leave at 8am. So we woke up early and ate breakfast at Einstein Bagel. Once we were done, we picked up the stuff we were going to take to the game. We waited and waited. The bus was a no show. I felt really bad because the organizer was so embarrassed. It was not his fault. He promised to send back our check for the payment. We had a car, so getting there was not a problem. We were more excited because of the team camaraderie. Since the driver was a no show-we needed to prepare to head to the stadium. The first step was getting ice off of the windows. We don’t have an ice scraper. But never fret, there was a plastic hanger in the trunk of the car. That took care of the ice beautifully. We were ready to go and could see. Earlier that morning we rolled the windows down, with 30 degree weather! in order to be able to drive two blocks away.
cleveland at arrowhead stadium

Traffic was poppin. We left the hotel around 9ish and didn’t get there until 11am. That’s how crazy the traffic to the stadium was. I loved the fans. Everyone was so nice and they took pictures of us in front of their stadium. Since they are the loudest stadium, I was ready to get a headache. Nope-I was freezing, but there was no headache. It was so empowering to see everyone backing up their team. And it is true, you cannot see the other team in the sea of red. The only bad thing is that the hot chocolate salesman couldn’t see me every time I wanted to buy hot chocolate. It was until the 3rd quarter he was able to see me. I tell you, that is the most glorious hot chocolate of my life. I was super duper cold.

The browns lost the game. Even then, the fans were awesome. We truly enjoyed the game. Next time the Browns play in Arrowhead, we will definitely want to come. My one and only complaint of the stadium is the nachos. A bag of Tostitos with a side of cheese is not Nachos. To their defense, the cheese stayed warm at least 20 minutes after we bought it, in 30 degree weather.

After getting lost in the parking lot, we headed to Fritz to get lunch. I REALLY wanted to go there. A train basically brings your food. I didn’t do the greatest job in recording it. The video shows a tiny glimpse of how the process works. The food was not bad and once again, the people were amazing.
world war 1 memorial

We wanted to go into the World War 1 Memorial Museum. We missed it by about 30 minutes. We will definitely try to make some time, next time there is a game. The view was worth the short trip from Fritz. It’s so pretty, we saw 4 couples taking engagement pictures in a 15 minute time frame. It was surreal standing there, remembering all of the brave soldiers that have gifted us with our liberties. The view of the city was also amazing. On the way to the store we also saw a firefighters memorial. We spoke to a lady that had lost her dad and cousin in two different fires. It was an honor to speak to her. She was very inspirational.

We also did some Christmas shopping and tried to find souvenirs. We failed at the finding souvenirs part. We headed back to the hotel and I crashed. I don’t remember anything else until I woke up. I call that a successful second day.

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